All About Lash Extensions: Your Ultimate Guide

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Hey, beauty buffs and lash lovers! Ready to dive into the world of utterly mesmerizing lashes? Get cozy because we’re about to spill the beans on lash extensions, the secret sauce to instant glam!

Unlocking Lash Magic: Think of lash extensions as your personal glam squad—a mix of tiny faux lashes meticulously applied to your natural ones, dialing up the length and va-va-voom volume!

Choose Your Lash Adventure
Mega Lashes by Kayla Marie - Third Eye Beauty Lounge
Third Eye Beauty Lounge – Mega Eyelash Extensions By Kayla Marie

Feelin’ flirty or craving drama? We’ve got the lash style for every vibe! Whether you’re into classic elegance or living for that bold and dramatic look, there’s a lash style calling your name.

Behind the Curtain: Lash Transformation: Imagine this: You, chillin’ like a boss, while our lash artist crafts your lash masterpiece, one extension at a time. The result? Those head-turning, “Are those real?” lashes you’ve been dreaming of!

Lash Love & TLC: Keep the love alive! Skip the oily products, resist the urge to play tug-of-war with your lashes, and give ’em a gentle comb-through to keep ’em lookin’ on point.

Maintenance Made Fun: Fill-Ups: Your lash affair lasts about six to eight weeks. Keep the party going with regular fill-ups for that everlasting fullness that screams “I woke up like this!”

Kayla Marie - Lash Artist - Third Eye Beauty Lounge

Why We Heart Lash Extensions: Not only do they slay the beauty game, but they also save you time (adios, mascara struggles!) and keep you rockin’ that effortlessly stunning look, 24/7.

Safety First, Slay Second: When a skilled pro works their magic with top-quality products, lash extensions are totally safe. Stick to aftercare tips and trust certified experts for your lash glam journey!

Ready to Up Your Lash Game?  At Third Eye Beauty Lounge, we’re all about crafting lash fairy tales! Swing by, let’s chat lashes, and get you on track to the lash paradise you’ve been dreaming of!

Awaken Your Inner Light - Third Eye Beauty Lounge Why Choose Us?

We envision a world where the standard of beauty has evolved past the rigid rules of today and individuals choose to enhance their physical appearance based on what makes them put their best foot forward.

That’s where  Third Eye Beauty Lounge comes into the picture! We aim to awaken the world, but let’s start with Tempe, Arizona to a new standard of beauty. We’re creating a community where individuals feel free to express what makes them feel beautiful from the inside out.\

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