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Step into a world of captivating beauty at Third Eye Beauty Lounge, where our eyelash extensions are crafted to bring your unique radiance to life. Choose the timeless grace of classic lashes, offering a subtle enhancement for an effortlessly chic look. For those craving a blend of sophistication and volume, our hybrid lashes strike the perfect balance, seamlessly combining the best of both worlds. Elevate your allure with volume lashes, embracing a fuller, dimensional gaze that adds a touch of glamour. And for those who desire an extraordinary, bold statement, our mega volume lashes deliver unmatched drama and intensity. Your journey to irresistible eyes begins at Third Eye Beauty Lounge, where every lash style tells a story of beauty and individuality.


Lash Artist Kayla Marie - Third Eye Beauty Lounge - Tempe AZ


Classic Full Set $150

Classic is a 1:1 lash application ratio. One extension is applied to each one of your natural lashes, extending the length and appearance of your eyelashes.  Classic eyelash extensions are suitable for clients who have a good amount of natural lashes, have a few gaps, and desire a natural/medium effect.

1 week fill - $50

2 week fill - $65

3 week fill - $75

4 week fill - $90

Hybrid Full Set $180

Hybrid is a mixture of both classic lashes and volume lashes. Choosing hybrid eyelash extensions gives your clients the best of both worlds. The look is achieved by mixing classic lashes and volume lashes that are placed strategically to frame the eyes.


1 week fill - $55

2 week fill - $70

3 week fill - $80

4 week fill - $95

Volume Full Set $210

Volume is a technique where a handmade lash fan is created from individual lash extensions and applied to one isolated natural lash. Due to the number of lashes being applied, the individual diameter of each lash extensions will be extremely thin and will be light that that used for classic lashes


1 week fill - $60

2 week fill - $75

3 week fill - $85

4 week fill - $100

Mega Volume Full Set $230

Mega Volume is the NEWEST technique and is done by a more  advance lash artist skill set. Creating a mega volume fan we use a thinner diameter then volume, which will make the lash fans bigger and lighter weight for the dense full effect!


1 week fill - $65

2 week fill - $80

3 week fill - $90

4 week fill - $105

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are synthetic fibers attached to natural lashes to add length and volume. Applied individually by a technician, they eliminate the need for mascara and offer a fuller, more dramatic look. With proper care, they can last for weeks, making them a popular choice for enhancing natural lashes with minimal maintenance.

How Long Will Eyelash Extensions Last?

Eyelash extensions typically last between 4 to 6 weeks, depending on factors such as natural lash growth cycle, lifestyle, and proper maintenance. However, most people opt for touch-up appointments every 2 to 3 weeks to maintain the fullness and appearance of their lashes as natural lashes shed and new ones grow in. Regular touch-ups help to fill in any gaps and extend the longevity of the extensions.

What Type Of Lash Fibers Do You Use?

At Third Eye Beauty Lounge, we're all about enhancing your natural beauty with the finest materials and personalized care. That's why we handpick some of the softest and most lightweight faux mink lashes available, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction with every application. Our lash selection boasts a variety of curls, lengths, thicknesses, and colors, allowing us to tailor a unique set that perfectly complements your eye shape and style preferences. Plus, rest assured that our lashes maintain their curl and color, ensuring a long-lasting and flawless look. Step into our salon and experience the difference with our latest curls — U, M, and L — always in stock alongside a range of options including C, CC, B, and D. Your lash dreams await at Third Eye Beauty Lounge!

What Are The Differences Between "Classic" & "Volume" Lashes?

When it comes to eyelash extensions, we offer two distinct techniques at Third Eye Beauty Lounge: Classic and Volume. The Classic technique, widely recognized and loved, involves applying singular lash fibers to each individual lash, resulting in a natural yet enhanced look. On the other hand, the Volume technique is perfect for those seeking a more dramatic effect. Here, our skilled lash artists meticulously adhere 2-6 extensions per natural lash, creating a voluminous and striking appearance.

While the Volume technique utilizes more fibers, we ensure that each extension used is super-fine and lightweight, ensuring maximum comfort without compromising on the desired effect. Whether you prefer the subtlety of Classic lashes or crave the drama of Volume, both techniques yield beautiful results tailored to your preferences.

At Third Eye Beauty Lounge, it's all about making your lash dreams a reality. So, whether you opt for Classic or Volume, rest assured that you'll leave our salon feeling confident and fabulous!

Kayla Marie - Lash Artist - Third Eye Beauty Lounge

How Should I Prepare For My Third Eye Beauty Llash Extensions?

We kindly ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time at Third Eye Beauty Lounge. This extra time allows you to complete any necessary forms and review our terms and conditions before your lash application process begins. Additionally, we request that all clients arrive with a fresh face, free of makeup and moisture. Just bring your naturally beautiful self, and we'll take care of the rest! We can't wait to enhance your lashes and leave you feeling fabulous.

How Do I Care For My Lash Extensions?

To ensure the longevity and beauty of your lash extensions, please remember that the adhesive requires a full 24 hours to cure completely. During this time, it's essential to keep your lashes dry and free from water, oils, moisture, and steam.

Even after the adhesive has fully cured, we recommend following these tips for optimal results:

  • Purchase our Purifying Lash Bath Kit from our beauty line, Third Eye Beauty Brand, to keep your lashes clean and healthy.
  • Use oil-free facial cleansers and other products around the eyes to avoid compromising the durability of your lash extensions.
  • Steer clear of manual eyelash curlers, lash perms, and waterproof mascara. Trust us, you won't need them! Also, avoid using cotton balls and swabs near the lash line to prevent damage.
  • Utilize lash products recommended by your technician for the best results.
  • Refrain from rubbing, scratching, picking, and pulling at your lash line to maintain the integrity of your extensions.

By following these guidelines, you'll enjoy stunning lashes that last longer and look fabulous.

Will Eyelash Extensions Ruin My Natural Lashes?

When applied correctly with the right technique, fiber weight, and length, eyelash extensions should not harm your natural lashes or cause premature shedding. Shedding is a natural part of the eyelash life cycle, which is why it's essential to schedule fills every 2-4 weeks to maintain your lash extensions' fullness and beauty. Rest assured, our expert technicians prioritize your lash health and safety to ensure a stunning, long-lasting result. Trust us to enhance your lashes without compromising their natural beauty.

Can I Use Mascara Over My Eyelash Extensions?

While we don't typically recommend using mascara on eyelash extensions, if you must, we suggest opting for a product specifically formulated for use with extensions. These formulas are gentle and designed to minimize the risk of damaging your extensions. If you're unsure which product to choose, don't hesitate to ask your lash artist at Third Eye Beauty Lounge for their favorite recommendations. They'll be happy to suggest a suitable option to enhance your lashes without compromising their integrity.

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